• RJ Smith

Boris Johnson Might be Heading to Jail

I have already mentioned the possibility that Boris Johnson could take Britain out of the EU without a deal if he presented a Brexit proposal to the House of Commons and they approved it. This is because of a loop hole in the so-called Benn Act and the fact that passing a deal is a two stage process.

The Commons recognised this possibility and passed an amendment during the extraordinary weekend sitting of Parliament today requiring Johnson to request the extension before they voted on his Brexit deal.

Johnson has repeatedly said he would not seek an extension under any circumstances, even though an Act of Parliament compels him to do so by 11pm this evening.

Johnson said once again in Parliament today upon the amendment's passing that he would not negotiate an extension.

So what happens now?

On Monday morning several prominent lawyers, including those acting for perennial Conservative Party bugbear Gina Miller will go to courts in London and Edinburgh to seek orders that the Prime Minister complies with the law.

It is likely these orders will be granted. It is also likely that Johnson will ignore them, as he is no doubt already aware of this eventuality, and with just four a half hours at the time of writing until the deadline is showing no sign of flinching.

If a person does not comply with a court order they are in what's called contempt of court. That court then has the power to imprison him/her.

This is now a very real possibility for Boris Johnson.

Hundreds of thousands of people protested in London today demanding a fresh Brexit vote. They may stay on the streets until the Prime Minister complies, or fails to comply, with the law.

Johnson either complies with the law and loses his authority or he breaches it which could result in his imprisonment.


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