I plan to publish just a few pieces per week. But if you've written something you think this site's readers would enjoy I would be happy for your work to be one of them.

For nonfiction it is better to send me a pitch first, as writing on what I arbitrarily believe to be a good topic is more than half the battle.

Submissions should correspond to one of the following categories:

What's Good (nonfiction)

These are punchy reviews of a film, band or author that is, in your opinion, under-appreciated, either because it's been overlooked or misunderstood. This is an exercise in persuasion. The harder the sell the better.  

Essays & General Reviews (nonfiction)

These pieces will be longer than 500 words and concern a current issue, recently released work, work of contemporary relevance or something interesting you are uniquely qualified to talk about. The aim is to provide a balanced analysis in the case of reviews and intelligence and insight in all cases.


The only criterion here is quality and, in my opinion, good stories generally depict a protagonist confronting a difficult situation. It is in adversity that we show who we are, and if a writer engages with these experiences honestly readers can learn something, however minor, about themselves. 

To submit:

  • Send your pitches or submissions as .DOC or .DOCX attachments to

  • In the body of your email briefly introduce yourself and indicate which category your piece belongs to

  • Include a brief (one or two sentences) bio and any social media links you want included.

Your privacy will be respected, and all submissions will be responded to.

I look forward to hearing from you.